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Ability points (AP) are received when leveling up and completing quests, and are used to unlock new abilities. The points are shared among all four friends, so it is possible to give one character an instant and dramatic boost.
The Ascension menu is the leveling system of Final Fantasy XV. There are several skill trees, or nexuses, divided into themes like Magic, Recovery, Techniques, etc. Each node in the nexus is unlocked by spending Ability Points (AP) which are earned by leveling up, completing quests, defeating enemies with specific moves, completing option strategy objectives during a battle, or by impressing friends in conversation. More ways become available after unlocking certain abilities. Ability Points are shared among all party members.

Nexuses[edit | edit source]

Magic[edit | edit source]

Nexus that refines and boosts your spells. Activate these nodes to improve your magical powers.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Elementalism - Elementality
Magic Level
Elementality Elementalism Elemagnetism
Enhanced Elementality
Elemagnetism Elementality
Enhanced Elementality Elementality
Magic Level Elementalism Magic Level II
Magic Level II Magic Level
Powercraft - Extra Powercraft
Magic Action
Extra Powercraft Powercraft Super Powercraft
Super Powercraft Extra Powercraft Ultimate Powercraft
Ultimate Powercraft Super Powercraft
Magic Action Powercraft Bonuspell
Bonuspell Magic Action Bonuspell II
Bonuspell II Bonuspell

Recovery[edit | edit source]

Nexus that further expands curative power. Activate these nodes to improve your array of restorative options.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Hang In - Sprinter
Sprinter Hang In Distance Runner
Distance Runner Sprinter
Savior's Fortitude - Savior's Force
Savior's Vengeance
Savior's Force Savior's Fortitude Comeback
Comeback Savior's Force
Savior's Vengeance Savior's Fortitude
Rapid Regen - First Aid x3
First Aid x3 Rapid Regen Advanced First Aid x3
Advanced First Aid x3 First Aid x3 Expert First Aid x3
Expert First Aid x3 Advanced First Aid x3

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Nexus that enhances and boosts your allies' techniques. Activate these nodes to unlock new skills for your comrades to use in combat.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Starshell - Recoil
Recoil Starshell
Gravisphere Starshell Trigger-Happy
Trigger-Happy Gravisphere Limit Break
Limit Break Trigger-Happy
Tech Strike - Tech Damage
Tech Damage Tech Strike Quick Tech
Quick Tech Tech Damage Quick Tech
Dawnhammer - Royal Guard
Royal Guard Dawnhammer Impulse
Impulse Royal Guard Limit Break
Limit Break Impulse
Cyclone Dawnhammer
Regroup - Enhancement
Overwhelm Regroup
Enhancement Regroup Sagefire
Sagefire Enhancement Limit Break
Limit Break Sagefire

Combat[edit | edit source]

Nexus that boosts Noctis's technique repository. Activate these nodes for more ways to take out enemies.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Airstep - Death Drop
Death Drop Airstep Osmostrike
Osmostrike Death Drop
Airslip Airstep Airstride
Airstride Airslip Airdance
Airdance Airstride
Light Phase - Experimagic
Ultralight Phase
Experimagic Light Phase
Ultralight Phase Light Phase
Chained Fury - Warp Factor
Warp Factor Chained Fury Daemon Destroyer
Warp Factor II
Daemon Destroyer Warp Factor
Warp Factor II Warp Factor Point-Blank Warp-Strike
Point-Blank Warp-Strike Warp Factor II
Stalker Chained Fury Super Stalker
Blink - Warp Decoy
Blink Boost
Warp Decoy Blink Static Edge
Static Edge Warp Decoy
Blink Boost Blink Impervious
Impervious Blink Boost

Teamwork[edit | edit source]

Nexus that Boosts your allies' teamwork. Activate these nodes to improve the support your comrades provide in combat.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
First Shot - Shock Drop
Shock Drop First Shot Sharp Shock
Sharp Shock Shock Drop
Scintilla First Shot Ballistic
Ballistic Scintilla
Link Up - Super Link Up
Super Link Up Link Up Critical Link
Critical Link Super Link Up Limitless Link
Limitless Link Critical Link
Deathblow Link Up Ultimate Deathblow
Ultimate Deathblow Deathblow
Reflex - Engage
Engage Reflex Intercept
Intercept Engage
Antagonize Reflex Acute Antagonism
Acute Antagonism Antagonize
Analyze - Lancet
Venom Fang
Lancet Analyze Regenerate
Regenerate Lancet
Venom Fang Analyze Virulent Venom
Virulent Venom Venom Fang

Stats[edit | edit source]

Nexus that enhances basic parameters independent of behavior. Activate these nodes to boost stats and equip more accessories.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Health Level - Strength Level
Spirit Level
Health Level II
Vitality Level
Strength Level Health Level
Spirit Level Health Level
Health Level II Health Level Health Level III
Health Level III Health Level II
Vitality Level Health Level
Accessory Slot - Accessory Slot x4

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Nexus that renders assistance outside of combat. Activate these nodes to aid you on the long road.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Roadrunning - Roadlife
Roadlife Roadrunning
Happy Camping - Happier Camping
Happier Camping Happy Camping Fitter Survival
Fitter Survival Happier Camping Fittest Survival
Fittest Survival Fitter Survival
Angler Action - Reel Experience
Item Angler
Reel Experience Angler Action
Item Angler Angler Action Sportfishing
Expert Item Angler
Sportfishing Item Angler
Expert Item Angler Item Angler
Snapshot - Aperture
Aperture Snapshot
Aftertaste - Appetize
Lingering Aftertaste
Appetize Aftertaste
Lingering Aftertaste Aftertaste Persistent Aftertaste
Persistent Aftertaste Lingering Aftertaste
Chocojockey - Chocoracer
Chocobump - Chocobonus
Chocobonus Chocobump

Wait Mode[edit | edit source]

Nexus that facilitates combat in time stopping Wait Mode. Activate these nodes to improve your tactical performance.

Ability Prereq Unlocks
Warp-Ambush - Warp-Punish
Warp-Punish Warp-Ambush
Elementalist - Sage
Sage Elementalist
Presto Libra - Time-Restore
Time-Restore Presto Libra Time-Freeze
Time-Freeze Time-Restore

Achievements and trophies[edit | edit source]

The following achievements and trophies are related to abilities:

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