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Eos is the world where Final Fantasy XV takes place. Characters can explore the large open world on foot, by chocobo, or via the Regalia. Each transportation method confers its own benefits.

Day-night cycle[edit | edit source]

The world of Eos has a day-night cycle that evolves as the story progresses. Due to the presence of the Starscourge, the nights grow longer after certain Chapters are reached; the hour at which the party awakens at camp reflects this change. The day-night cycle affects the appearance of monsters in-game; thus, some hunts are only available at certain times.

Dynamic weather[edit | edit source]

Eos is also subject to dynamic weather - anywhere from dry, windy days to heavy downpours that can last well into the night. Certain regions are partial to specific weather patterns, e. g. the rain falls more often in the Vesperpool than not, while Lestallum is notoriously hot and humid. The weather has some effects on the characters appearance: rain will dampen their hair and clothes (the former can be dealt with by equipping Styling Gel) and strong winds will flatten their hair. In cold areas (and sometimes at night), the characters will shiver.

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