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Getting Started Guide

The following is intended as a basis for the first hour of Final Fantasy XV and the world of Eos.

Articles[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

PlayStation 4 Xbox One Action
Left Stick Left Stick Movement
Right Stick Right Stick Camera
D-Pad D-Pad Weapon select / Menu navigation / Play, pause, or change music (Regalia)
X A Jump / Interact / Menu selection / Hold to pull the Regalia over
O B Hold to sprint (running) / Tap to attack (combat) / Hold to perform combos (combat) / Cancel menu selection
Triangle Y Tap to warp forward / Hold to point-warp / Blade-warp an enemy
Square X Roll / Roll-dodge (combat) / Hold to defend or rescue fallen allies / Take cover behind large objects / U-turn (Regalia) / Sprint (chocobo)
R1 RB Hold to lock on current enemy, change targets by using Right Stick / Cycle camera views (Regalia)
R2 RT Item menu / Accelerate (Regalia) / Trot (chocobo)
L1 LB Hold and select technique with D-Pad / Cycle camera views (Regalia)
L2 LT Brake or reverse (Regalia) / Hold to halt or tap to slide (chocobo)
L3 LP Sprint while running
R3 RP Map
Options Menu Pause
Touchpad View Main menu

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game begins by giving you the option of whether or not you want to enter the combat tutorials. It is highly recommended that you do these tutorial which show you the basics of:

Upon completion (or skipping) the tutorial stages, players enter the world of Eos for the first time. You are thrust into Chapter 1 of the game, which begins with going to Hammerhead.

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