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There are 2 kinds of quests: main quests and sidequests. Main quests advance the story while side quests promote exploration and offer additional bonuses. Adjust your active quest from the main menu.

Quests are tasks given to the party to complete and advance the storyline and/or provide rewards. A list of all undertaken quests, both in progress and completed, can be viewed in the Main Menu under Quests. This also allows the player to select a destination to display on the map.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

Main quests, also known as missions, advance the main storyline. Their waypoints and markers are automatically displayed on the map and mini-map. Some quests do not let the player leave the location until the task is complete. Players will receive a warning before entering these locations to give them a chance to complete other tasks before entering.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

Name Rec. Level Chapter
The Pauper Prince 1 Chapter 1
Hunter Becomes the Hunted 1 Chapter 1
The Mutant Marauder 2 Chapter 1
The Errand Prince Chapter 1
A Gentlemen's Agreement Chapter 1
Ill Tidings Chapter 1
Legacy Chapter 2
The Power of Kings Chapter 2
Declaration of War Chapter 2
Burden of Expectation Chapter 3
The Sword in the Waterfall Chapter 3
The Way of Gods and Kings Chapter 3
A Dubious Drive Chapter 4
Onward to the Disc Chapter 4
The Archaean Chapter 4
The Trial of Titan Chapter 4
The Hexatheon's Blessing Chapter 5
The Trial of Ramuh Chapter 5
Engaging the Empire Chapter 5
All Set to Set Sail Chapter 6
Imperial Infiltration Chapter 6
Party of Three Chapter 7
A Precious Source of Power Chapter 8
Brave New World Chapter 8
Altissia, City on the Sea Chapter 9
The Summit Chapter 9
Into the Fray Chapter 9
The Trial of the Leviathan Chapter 9
Off the Rails Chapter 10
The Hand of the King Chapter 10
Express Train for Trouble Chapter 11
No Turning Back Chapter 12
Where She Lived Chapter 12
Into the Arctic Crevasse Chapter 12
Breath of the Galacian Chapter 12
The Imperial Capital Chapter 13
A King's Struggle Chapter 13
The Zegnautus Keep Chapter 13
Reunion and Recovery Chapter 13

Sidequests[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sidequest

Sidequests are shorter than main quests and have simple objectives, such as, finding an item or hunting a creature. The recommended levels should be followed and players should match or exceed the level before undertaking the quest. It is recommended to complete as many sidequests as possible to keep ahead of the game's difficulty curve.

There are several types of sidequests:

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